Cutting plastic bottles

MAER is specialized in machinery for cutting the dome of plastic blow moulded bottles.

Maer patented spin trimming technology is conceived to be integrated in an blow moulding and in any bottling line.

They are useful for many applications, primarily for milk and dairy products bottled in Polyethylene (PE and HDPE) bottles, although they may be also implemented in blow moulding lines of all types of bottles (food, detergents, cosmetics, chemicals, etc)

Thanks to the know-how of the company and its personnel, this cutting technology can be adapted to the production needs of every customer, consolidating MAER as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of high output spin trimmers.

Our range of neck cutting machines form the ideal complement in between the blow moulding and filling machine, and it can be installed next to these for a higher and more efficient production capacity, offering a number of ADVANTAGES:

INCREASED BLOW MOULDING CAPACITY: the extrusion blow moulding equipment is no longer involved in the cutting phase.

ELIMINATION OF AUXILIARY PROCESSES: the exact synchronisation of the neck trimmer with the blow moulding and filling line avoids stock and rinsing of bottles.

SIMPLIFICATION OF SUBSEQUENT PROCESSES: The perfection of the cut simplifies the phases of leak testing, filling, sealing, capping, etc.

MINIMUM MAINTENANCE: Extremely easy to adjust, no need of supervising personnel and long maintenance-free operating periods.

SAVINGS ON RAW MATERIAL AND ELIMINATION OF UNNECESSARY COSTS: faultless operation, smooth bottle handling and perfect cut, avoid product rejects and quality defects, thus eliminating recovery and remanufacturing costs.


Maer bottle trim equipment incorporates a fixed cutting system featuring bottle rotation and carousel orbital movement.

It consists on a set of rollers (1) and a blade holder (2) specially adapted to the neck of bottles and a stationary, but adjustable (3), knife (4).

The neck of the bottle is gripped at three points, eliminating the risk of any unwanted movement of the bottle during the trimming operation, thus guaranteeing a perfect cut and sealing surface on all plastic materials.

The rotation of the container along the knife is limited to the diameter or circumference of the open neck, which prevents the generation of chips or plastic particles.

100% aseptic cut guaranteed.

Trimming operation is made with a non-heated cold knife.

Long life and re-sharpenable blade.

bottle trim

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