Aseptic Systems & O.E.M. bottle trim solutions

Maer offers food packaging companies (especially those for milk and dairy products) and manufacturers of filling machines, a range of machinery specifically designed for the integration of the bottle trimming process within filling lines of liquid products bottled under aseptic and sterile conditions.

Rotary trimmers for these environments are ​​entirely made of stainless steel and other materials resistant to the corrosive effects of disinfection and cleaning products applied by CIP systems, thus meeting the most demanding sanitary and hygienic requirements for the packaging of long life, sterile and sensitive products (i.e. ESL Dairy Products).

Thanks to its simplicity, to its design and to its compact dimensions Maer rotary trimmers for aseptic applications are easy to be integrated into any filling line and any clean room to work in perfect synchronization with the filler (linear or rotary), either as a standalone unit or as part of the same filler (O.E.M.) by supplying the block or cutting carousel specially adapted to the design features and specifications of the manufacturer’s filler.


All components and machine parts are designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding characteristics of the aseptic or sterile environment packaging process in which the trimmer is integrated:

» Components in stainless steel and other materials highly resistant to temperature changes and corrosion effects of disinfection and CIP products.

» No flat surfaces (slope design) to avoid areas susceptible to accumulation of dirt / bacteria.

» Self-Draining: auto-drainage for the evacuation of cleaning products.

» Pre-greased bearings and gears protected by high resistance liquid viton retainers and anti-filtration systems to avoid contact of the container with rust and lubricants.

» Enabled area in the cutting zone for the installation of knife sanitation spray nozzles.

» Plug-On design of change parts to facilitate a rapid removal and eventual external washing of parts in contact with the neck of the bottles.

» Stainless steel blade, highly resistant to washing and oxidation.

» Ejection System of the dome: with sterile air or mechanical ejection, to prevent bottle from contamination.


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