Peripherals and Auxiliary Equipment for Blow Moulding

Maer supplies and integrates all type of auxiliary equipment for the blow moulding of plastic bottles.

We are able to supply plastic scrap conveying systems (conventional and pneumatic) from the blow moulder and spin trimmer to the re-grinder, bottle buffer and cooling systems, leak testing equipment.

Thanks to our collaboration with the highest skilled Partners specialized in machinery and systems for handling plastic bottles, we may implement any post-moulding process consisting on conducting empty plastic blow moulded bottles to the customer storage silos.

Bottle Conveyors:

In order to offer the best solution and to improve the performance of any type of bottle production line, we supply all kinds of conveyor, to handle and transport any type of bottle

Belt Conveyors
Slat Conveyors
Vacuum Conveyors

Conveyors are always made of stainless steel or epoxi painted steel, depending on the type of application, container type and project needs.

Pneumatic Conveyors:

For long distances bottle transport, Maer provides air conveyors and venturi systems.

The pneumatic venturi system sucks the container and blows it at high speeds inside stainless steel tubes, silicone, PVC or PE hoses, depending on the needs of each installation.

By placing 10º to 180º curves, unions and switch gates, we can make any type of installation, downloading the bottles in a cyclone or des-throttle unit, delivering the container in perfect condition in storage silos.

This type of pneumatic transport is highly recommended for handling HDPE and PP bottles, from the blow moulding machine to the bottle storage units.

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