Economic series of bottle spin trimmers SB330

 Maer, presents its economic series of bottle spin trimmers SB330. The SB 330 SERIES includes a range of equipment for cutting the lost head of plastic blow moulded bottles, ideal to be integrated in blow moulding operations of all type of containers and for productions of up to 4,000 bottles per hour, as a complement of the blow molding machine, releasing this last one from the neck deflashing stage.

This flexible range of spin trimmers also includes equipment with capability to run up to 12,000 bottles per hour that allow to implement the neck cutting stage  before the filler – at medium/high production speeds – in bottling lines, specially for the manufacturing of liquid yogurt in HDPE bottles.

Series SB330 main features:

– Compact and small footprint machinery.
– Very simple to operate.
– Flexible & adaptable to bottles of different sizes and geometries.
– Quick bottle change over.
– Maximum reliability  at speeds from 4,000 up to 12.000 b/h, for bottles of 80 ml up to 500 ml.
– Manufactured with high quality materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. For filling lines completely manufactured in Stainless Steel.
– Height adjustment of the trimming turret from 80 mm to 350 mm.
– Simple and quick adjustment system with a knife height position visualiser.
– Trimmed domes ejected via a side panel chute, that allows the easy coupling of venturis or belts to convey scraps to the plant regrinder.
– Flexible and versatile conveyor made of aluminium.

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