Productivity and versatility in Neck to Neck technology at 80,000 bph

MAER’s new NTN850 reaches the fastest speed in the market, with bottle changeover taking less than 5 minutes

The use of flexible and efficient technologies is key to the evolution and profitability of the packaging sector. Therefore, the priorities of every client lie in achieving a higher production capacity, with the possibility of using different sizes, while keeping investment to a minimum.

The NTN or “Neck to Neck” series for double bottle bodies joined at the neck by a dome and made from the same mould, has been designed:

» For bottlers of liquid yoghurt and dairy drinks in small PDE-HDPE single serve bottles.

» To operate as a complement to the blow moulding machine with neck to neck double cavity moulds, as well as the end client’s in-house bottle blow moulding operations.

» For linear or rotary blow moulding machine manufacturers.

Providing solutions for this demanding market and going the extra mile have always been two of Maer’s key objectives. Now, the company has unveiled the latest innovative addition to the series, the new NTN850, installed at the South East Asian plant where a leading drinking yoghurt is packaged.

Built on the scale of a rotating carousel and 40 stations, this equipment works in line after a high-speed rotary blow moulding machine that can reach an output of 80,000 bottles per hour (the highest speed possible to date). Furthermore, it is extremely flexible, thanks to its adjustment system and a changeover time of less than 5 minutes.La nouvelle NTN850 de

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