Interview with Avi Niv, Plastiv Packaging Solutions Plant Engineer

What are the reasons why you chose Maer equipment ?

The market speaks and we heard very good impressions of MAER equipment in the sector specially from blow moulding machinery and process experts.

We discussed with our blow moulding lines usual supplier the need to include into a complete new line for neck to neck small bottles, a good and reliable trimmer to do the cutting phase, always critical, and decided to go with Maer NTN technology.

What are the main benefits you found once you started/run the equipment ?

Reliability, the equipment performs and does the job good , without any special problems.

Simplicity, It is easy to change from on product to another. The set-up of the machine is simple and fast.

What would you highlight about the equipment?

The highlight is the precise cutting of the system. All the different neck to neck product bottles we run through the equipment are trimmed equal without any quality difference, continuously and fast without any chips or burrs in the neck sealing surface.

bottle trim

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